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RUSleeping RTS Screener

You now have an immediate in-home solution to offer your patients who are on a waiting list for a PSG. The RUSleeping RTS is an easy-to-use, same-day, objective method for patients who have been recommended for a PSG but can't be scheduled right away due to facility backlog. You can now enable patients to stay in the comfort of their own homes while knowing their apneic (AH) scores, before their PSG.

Referring physicians can use the device to pre-screen patients for apneic events. Based on the patient's overnight score, the physician can easily tell if the patient is a likely candidate for an immediate PSG.

Immediate Knowledge of Apneic Events - Helps You and Your Patients

The RUSleeping RTS is an in-home objective screening device that provides real-time results. Through immediately discovering if patients have a low or high apneic score, you can quickly and easily determine their need for a PSG. By having this objective information to discuss with patients, you can relate the link between their apneic results and the possibility of sleep apnea. This may help to overcome their reluctance about the need for a complete PSG and get them one step closer to diagnosis and treatment. The device has been validated against PSG*.

Convenient, Compact and Continuous

The lightweight and compact device provides continuous apneic event scoring. It is convenient to operate and can be re-used. No accessory equipment, software or electrical outlet is needed. Patient instructions are short and simple.

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